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Time Space Knowledge: Nine Seeds

This series of nine dance transmissions encodes information for activating unitive consciousness, direct knowing, and higher order functioning. More than one viewing over a period of time will likely be necessary for you to get all the keys encoded in a single dance. As you feel ready, move on to the next one. I do recommend viewing them in sequence, at least initially, as they build upon one another.


These "dances" are direct transmissions—they are not choreographed and rehearsed ahead of time. I step into the field, and embody the light information as clearly as possible. While I have worked this way in private for decades, this is the first time I have recorded my dance transmissions for public dissemination. The transmissions came through at the end of 2016 and the start of 2017.  If after viewing the first three you sense that this material is for you, please contact me, and I will give you the links for the remaining six. I do this as a way to honor and respect the field that those of us working with it are building.

While I call them dances, they are not meant to be viewed as an artistic performance, and I encourage you to disengage the mental tendency to evaluate them as such. I have no concept or idea ahead of time what to present, no predetermined vision for the content. But there is content, it's just not mine. Open yourself to make your own sense and use of it. Sometimes you may be drawn to my hands in particular, later the larger movement gesture (at times I look as if I’m grimacing, but I’m not in pain, it’s just that the energy has risen very intensely up into my face). Your mental mind may not grasp what's being presented, trust that your Heart Mind and Soul Self Intelligence does. In time you may begin to cognate and narrate  what these dances have "meant" for you, though that is not necessary for you get and utilize the light structures offered here. 

While I am the one who embodied these transmissions, I find I have needed to return to a given "seed" numerous times to get what is there for me. My sense is that I am only able to integrate a given upgrade at a certain pace, in a certain order. I've also observed that components of an upgrade have to be "all in place"

before I am able to operate the new functionality fully. 

Also I must express great gratitude to Tarthung Tulku and his Time Space Knowledge, New Vision of Reality. His lucid inquiry and practices made available in the TSK book series were and continue to be invaluable to my own development. These dances are not meant as a translation of his material, but stand as activating doorways of their own. However, without the contribution of his vision, I would not have been able to receive and embody these transmissions. More than that, the TSK vision has been one of the most significant and consciousness awakening discourses I have encountered.




The Larger Context

We are in a transitional period in human history. Though not news to Eastern philosophy, quantum physics, language theory, and other investigations of the 20th century, have broken open the foundational ground of Western scientific notions of reality and human nature. Old forms—both internal and external—systems, assumptions, beliefs, structures and dynamics of consciousness are being forced to give way to we know not what. This is painful and harrowing, but also necessary in order to create a space for the possibility of transformational change. Furthermore, I believe this is Life reengineering itself, ultimately for its, and our, own good.


I have found that these transmissions

are providing me with some new inner capacities and intelligence to stay clear, energized, and taking actions tuned to right purpose, and I know I am really just beginning to get what is there for me. For those of you who are drawn to these dance transmissions, I trust there are upgrades for you as well. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing about your experience.


—Peter Kime, 12/16/17

Interested in Seeds 4-9, contact me
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