Time and materials spent, dollars per square inch, reputation and gallery recognition are among the many ways artists price their work. None of these made sense to me. Firstly, I have not pursued the path of a commercial artist so, while I've made art my whole life, I have not established a reputation as an artist. As for size and time, sometimes a piece may be large format, but relatively quickly completed; other pieces involve a range of materials or layers of complexity and offer a far more sophisticated field of information. I have taken size, time, and materials into consideration, but finally I have sought to arrive at prices that are right for the piece.


If you are very drawn to a specific piece, I trust there is something there for you. In some cases, I will consider making a high quality print. For some work, I will consider a payment plan. And for some pieces, I will consider a good faith offer. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your interest.